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The aim of the Foundation is delivery of help to the poor, excluded, lost, homeless or endangered by becoming homeless, and any other people that have trouble in satisfying their basic living needs.

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Foundation - zdjęcie

The second form of delivering help by the Foundation is the initiative to build a Nursing Home for elderly. The purpose of this home will be to allow these people, that are often lonely and in need of aid, to live their life with dignity. Nowadays the elderly are often left out of the social life, without any help or attention.

The Nursing Home will create a safe zone where the elderly will be given a chance to live and follow the routine of dignified daily life. The Nursing Home purpose will be to provide them with ways and activities of spending time, as well as provide a professional help of any kind needed. It will also partially contribute to the Foundations first objective, by providing a new and stable workplace.


The aim of the Foundation is not limited to offer temporary or nonrecurring help.

The help provided should be given with an ACTIVE participation of the receiving person, and serve as a motivation to achieve better and independent life as a member of the society.

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Foundation People

The foundation is run by good people who feel the need to help through personal involvement in particular projects. We are waiting for you!



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